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Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Grand LUX does not sell any alcoholic beverages – It is understood and agreed that the Customer may
serve beverages containing alcohol (including but not limit to beer, wine, champagne, mixed-drinks with
liquor, etc., by way of example) hereinafter call “Alcohol”, upon the following terms and conditions:

1. Under NO circumstances shall Client(s) sell or attempt to sell any Alcohol to anyone.

2. Customers shall not permit any person under the age of twenty-one (21) to consume alcohol
regardless of whether the person is accompanied by a parent or guardian.


3. “Shots” or “Energy Drinks” will not be permitted at any time.


4. Customers hereby agree to use their best efforts to ensure that Alcohol will not be served to anyone
who is heavily intoxicated or appears to be overly intoxicated.


5. Customer hereby expressly grants to Grand LUX, at Grand LUX’s sole discretion and option, to instruct the security officer(s) to remove any person(s) from the Venue, if in the opinion of the Grand LUX representative in charge, the licensed and bonded Bartender and/or the security officer(s) the person(s) is intoxicated, unruly or could present a danger to themselves or others, and/or the Venue.


6. Customer hereby agrees to be liable and responsible for all act(s) and actions of every kind and nature for each and every person in attendance at Customer’s function or event.

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