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Event Expectation FAQs

Listed below are general inclusions and or requests as a valued Grand LUX client. Please feel free to
contact us directly in the event any additional accommodations need to be requested. We appreciate

your support and patronage of our center.

  • Can we prepare meals at the venu?
    The catering service areas in each of the venues are not intended to be used as a kitchen for meal preparation.
  • Can deliveries be schedlued?
    Please coordinate reasonable time frames for the delivery of goods to support the success of your event in a manner that is time conscious of your venue rental with us.
  • Can electrical outlets be used?
    All electrical outlets on the property are available for use at an event. Customers are welcome to inspect the locations and numbers of outlets prior to booking.
  • How can decorations be used?
    Decorations may be used to affix decorations and/or signs. Any other decorations, signage, electrical configurations or construction must be pre-approved by Grand LUX. Decorations may not be hung from light fixtures. All decorations must be removed without leaving damages directly following the departure of the last guest, unless special arrangements have been made between the Customer(s) and the venue.
  • Can tape or nails be used?
    No masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, transparent tape or double stick tape is allowed. All other decorations must be freestanding. Nails and staples are not permitted at any location.
  • Are you handicap accessible?
    We provide level-designated parking throughout the property along with suitable restroom facilities. Reasonable accommodations will be made when applicable.
  • Can we play music or have a DJ?
    Although music (both live and recorded) is permitted, the music must be contained at an acceptable sound level within the venue so as not to disturb the local surrounding area. The Grand LUX event coordinator will help to establish acceptable sound levels. Any complaints from neighboring or other parties may require the levels to be slightly reduced. Grand LUX reserves the right to require Customer(s) to cease the music it deems significantly inappropriate, in its sole discretion.
  • Is parking available?
    Parking is available at the designated areas Persons shall pull into the spaces that identify parking locations.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Sorry, absolutely no fabulous fur family members allowed.
  • Photography policy
    We reserve the right to use any photographs or other media reproductions of an event in our publicity and advertising materials.
  • Is there a fridge or freezer?
    Yes. We do have a fridge and freezer.
  • Can I change the set up of the venue?
    Any contents or furniture movement must be pre-approved by Grand LUX. It is the Customer’s responsibility to restore all areas to their original appearance. Placements of tables, live music, catering equipment, etc., must also be approved by the Grand LUX planning staff.
  • Is there a place to hang signs or banners?
    You may post your group’s sign or hang balloons at the front entrance but please do NOT attach anything to or cover up our entrance sign.
  • Do you have security?
    A security guard/s will be present for all events where Alcohol is served (such as weddings, receptions, fundraisers, wine tastings, corporate parties or receptions). This service is non-negotiable. The cost of the service is included as part of the venue rental (unless noted otherwise).
  • Are there restroom facilities?
    We request that proper mannerisms and etiquette be exhibited when using the restrooms. Please notify the GL event coordinator of any mishaps and or need for supply replenishment.
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